$5.00 #SpringCleaning Kit @ #DollarTree from #LizKitchen #BestDeal

clean-buttonI toPinterest-CleanOn-600ld you we would GET STARTED at Liz.Kitchen and that means we start with cleaning. I really try to keep things clean because it is easy for me to get sick. I also have issues with certain smells and chemicals – so that means at times I need “helping hands.”

Being on a fixed income means I need to really take care of the money I get and use it well. It means I have to find the best deals I can and the first place I go for cleaning supplies is the Dollar Tree.

16-cleanThis week we found the following CLEAN products for
$5.00 TOTAL  – 

I saved $7.49 –
So I bought 5 new herbs and spices for my pantry and a NEW TOOTHBRUSH and $1.00 left in my pocket!

Priced at other local stores – $12.49

Here’s why we picked these items


  • The pail has a handle I can carry.
  • The pail has a lip I can pour.
  • The pail was $1.00

IMG_9242Warning-LatexYELLOW GLOVES

  • I am not allergic to latex – if you are DO NOT BUY these
  • Make sure you know your allergies
  • Always look for the Black Triangle


  • These are HEAVY DUTY and will scratch things like your special pans so make sure to test them if you use them for cleaning dishes
  • They work really well to clean dirt
  • Test the surfaces you are cleaning in a small area like a corner or edge


  • These can be thrown away after you have used them
  • They are stronger than paper towels to clean things


  • I love this to get dirt out of harder to reach places
  • I put my old toothbrush into my cleaning get and gave myself a brand new one!

There are some things I cannot do and one of them is I can’t touch Chlorine Bleach – that is a problem because that is how you SANITIZE things. So this is the first place I will talk about “Helping Hands.”

Learn next how I can work with Sanitizing (coming soon)


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